Buy Nothing Day. Or, if you must, buy locally.

I bought some things yesterday. Yes, on Thanksgiving. I bought gas, five Munchkins, two coffees, and I paid tolls. There was a time, many years ago, that even the gas station would have been closed on Thanksgiving. Those used to be the days for which you had to plan ahead. Kind of like before ATMs you had to plan ahead if you needed cash. We were more responsible people then.

Buy Nothing Day

So, I didn’t quite BUY NOTHING on Thanksgiving, but I have no intention of buying anything today. Maybe some kiddie toothpaste. The kids reacted violently to the minty flavor of the toothpaste I forced them to use last night.

It’s not that I think going shopping is BAD on these consumer-focused days. I don’t do well in crowds of any sort, and I detest shopping in any conditions, so it’s not for me. But for those that do enjoy shopping on days like today, I think that being conscious consumers is a very good thing. When possible, shop local, consumable, and responsibly. A fair-trade pound of coffee from Terra Cafe makes for a lovely gift; just add a raffia ribbon! And that gift card to an independent bookstore like Watchung Books suits anyone — what with graphic novels for all ages these days. How about a month at a local fitness class, like at Boone Studio?

If you must shop today, think outside the (big) box and consider smaller stores first.


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2 Responses to Buy Nothing Day. Or, if you must, buy locally.

  1. My husband announced last night after 7 pm that he was out of cigarettes. Let’s just say that having to go out in the dark and cold in our new neighborhood to find a gas station that was open on Thanksgiving evening is just one more reason I wish he would quit.

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