The Kid Likes Skulls

We took a trip to the American Museum of Natural History this weekend. It’s always a thrill to check out the planetarium and the dinosaurs and the animals and the special exhibitions like Whales: Giants of the Deep (highly recommended). But it’s also fun to discover what seems like a random opportunity, like the human and animal skulls we ran across.

skulls and preschooler

It was a side room that we stopped into as an afterthought as we got lost trying to find the correct exit. And it was so cool! Skulls from 50, 000 years ago! And brains. Cross-sections and everything. The people staffing the room were incredibly friendly and informative, and my daughter got to stick her fingers into several ancient nostrils. Just one more example of why it’s good to pay attention to your current surroundings so you don’t miss out.


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