Thankfulness & Gun Violence Prevention

1467330_469212349863357_188393585_nAround this time of year, there are often (mostly) comedic films about dysfunctional but loving families who dredge up grudges or drink too much wine or bare family secrets over the Thanksgiving table. It  ends up resolved with hugs and tears or a stiff upper lip without a look in the rear view mirror. Life isn’t nearly as neat, and the soundtrack isn’t as commercial.

This year, in some families, the issue of gun violence prevention is sure to come up between the green beans and pumpkin pie. And Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America and Mayors Against Illegal Guns have a handy set of common arguments countered with reasoned responses. Check out the full graphic on the Demand Action to End Gun Violence site.

The point/counterpoint in the examples are simple, clear, and easy to remember, even after a celebratory glass of vino. Although, my advice is to switch to less volatile topics like Immigration or the Affordable Health Care Act.

Feeling a need to get into it with someone? Take the time to read this post by Richard Rowe at AATTP. Even just the Basic DOs and DON’Ts are good reminders. All set with family, but worried about playdates? Check out this helpful post from Stay At Home Pundit.

Bottom line, spend time with your family and friends safely. Please have the conversation about whether firearms are safely stored and locked away from children or anyone who might be going through a tough time, especially at the holidays.


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