Glad I Saw It: Rosette

1st Congregational RosetteThere are lots of fancy, sharp, curated, manicured details around this town that make an autumn walk a pleasure for the senses. But what makes it truly interesting are the many details mixed in that represent an organic wearing down or deliberate decay. And then there is the beauty in the details that have lasted longer than we know. This rosette in the archway of an entrance at the First Congregational Church on South Fullerton in Montclair is a detail like that. I also like the curve of the weathered door next to the sharper, but still rounded, accent of the stone.

Take the time to look around — away from your chosen device — and see the details that are calling out to be noticed. If you blog them or Instagram (Am I supposed to say ‘gram?) them, put the link in comments!



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