Panties and Knee-Highs Needed. New Only, Please!

Piazza Della SoleIt’s one thing if you hate to shop and wait until the holes in your L7s from Costco create interesting performance art pieces as you go about your day. It’s entirely another when you don’t have the choice to pick up an emergency pack of granny panties at ShopRite. And let’s not get started with socks in winter, alright?

Piazza Della Sole, which sells gorgeous footwear and accessories, is holding an underwear and socks drive in their Upper Montclair store to benefit the clients at the Human Needs Food Pantry. NEW only, please. I realize it seems ridiculous to have to say that, but anyone who has ever run a clothing drive knows that yes, YOU HAVE TO SAY THAT.

They’re collecting for Men, Women, Children. I suggest larger sizes for all three groups. Also, because schools often hold successful drives for children’s items, if you need to choose, pick up adult items instead.

Really, really want to buy for the kiddies? Piazza Della Sole is also collecting NEW board games for Park Elementary School in Newark. Please drop off a new board game for children ages 3-14 at 620 Valley Road in Upper Montclair, NJ! Again, if you don’t mind my two cents, choose games that don’t need batteries. Batteries are expensive! Also, beeping toys don’t last as long.

Contact Pizza Della Sole for more information at 973-783-9243.


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2 Responses to Panties and Knee-Highs Needed. New Only, Please!

  1. Okay, let’s face it, a subject line of “need panties” is hysterical, even though the content of your post is very serious. I hope these efforts are successful — if I lived nearby, you could totally have my panties.
    Heh. See what I did there?

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