NSFW: Consider Supporting EXPOSED by Beth B.

Exposed by Beth BPSA: I’m not kidding when I saw NSFW, folks! Do NOT click on the links below unless you are in a place where nudity will not get you fired or thrown out onto the street.

At my core, I’m an educator and a mom and a housewife. It took me a long time to choose and accept the last two fully. But part of all three of those — and being happy and fulfilled with those — is loving what other people choose and accept themselves to be. No matter what.

The documentary film EXPOSED a film by Beth B, just screened at DOC NYC – a project for which I happily contribute my time and energy. I didn’t get to see the screening of this tempting film, but I hope to see it at some point in the near future. The trailer is enough to make me weep with both joy and hope. As Beth B says about her film, “It’s about human rights and everybody’s right to be themselves…it’s the liberation of the mind and the body.”

That sentiment is easy enough to pooh-pooh for those of us who fall neatly into relatively traditional definitions of gender and sexuality and relationships. But Oh My! does the basic thrust* of the film give comfort and a warm hug to those who do not…to those who are searching for a tribe, for a recognition of self.

I invite you to check out the NSFW trailer of EXPOSED by Beth B. And consider supporting her Kickstarter to help fund the film’s need for music rights and final marketing. You should SEE the awesomely generous Thank You Gifts. The Kickstarter ends in 29 days. (Probably less if you’re reading this after November 18th, 2013!)

This is a film that is at once shocking and humorous and beautiful and curiously repulsive and seductively attractive all at once. And many people really NEED to see this film.

EXPOSED Kickstarter.

* OMG she said thrust!


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4 Responses to NSFW: Consider Supporting EXPOSED by Beth B.

  1. Eugene says:

    Interesting, but that preview was NSFA (not safe for Amy) 🙂

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