Glad I Saw It: {verdigreen}

il_570xN.516698179_8ha6I finally got a chance to stop in to the wonderful {verdigreen} at 182 Glenridge Avenue in Montclair. It’s the brick & mortar reincarnation of Azie Shelhorse’s etsy shop. I met Azie in the spring, because our kids were taking karate at the same place. She is the kind of funky cool that is impossible to resent or be snarky about because she’s so damn NICE. Ugh. So annoying; just let me be a snarky wench already!

Bringing Home the Tree by Heather Donohue

Bringing Home the Tree by Heather Donohue

Anyway, her shop is high-end with beautiful furniture, and it also plays host to smaller items from local crafters and artisans. The upholstered items are gorgeous — and I especially loved a pair of chairs that use repurposed Swiss Army blankets for the backs. One can dream.

The store, which used to be a Flamenco studio, is worth a visit on its own – and Azie said that she is already hosting parties in the space.

Terry of Montclair Yarn

Super cute, right? A gift for the person who has everything except a desire for pets.

For a wonderful love letter to Azie and {verdigreen} read this blog post by Heather Donohue, who made the AWESOME “Bringing Home the Tree” ornament seen above. Check out {verdigreen} on Facebook, too.


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  1. Glad you had a good visit, and thanks for the kind words! We’re adding new things all the time. (And old things!)

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