Jewish Holiday Party giveaway in time for Thanksgivukah!

s-Jewish-Holiday-Party_72-dpiNew Jersey’s own Doni Zasloff Thomas (aka Mama Doni) is a mom, music teacher, songwriter, and lead singer in The Mama Doni Band, which has been honored with a 2011 Parents Choice® Award! The most recent release from this fun and funky band is Mama Doni’s Jewish Holiday Party, which features an episode all about Chanukah, in addition to Passover and Shabbat.

I reviewed the DVD over on VegBooks recently. Check it out!

Want a copy of the DVD and CD for yourself? Leave a comment with your best mash-up of Chanukkah and Thanksgiving! Do it by Saturday at 11:59 PM EST. I’ll start: I found Sweet Potato Latkes on Mommy Shorts. YUM.

Please share the post from the That Unique* Weblog Facebook page to spread the love. If you win, I’ll have the DVD to you by the time you sit down to celebrate!

CONGRATULATIONS to Robin! She wins the DVD and CD package!

Hooking up with yeah write’s moonshine grid. Check it out for fun weekend reading.

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24 Responses to Jewish Holiday Party giveaway in time for Thanksgivukah!

  1. I love this DVD! I (am associated with the director, Brian Brodeur, and the editor, David Ammirata, from [audio/video/interactive production company ACIEM Studios, in Montclair] but sincerely) find Mama Doni’s youthful energy to be very contagious. What a hoot, to watch all the fun they had, on these videos! Congratulations, to all involved!

  2. Robin Woods says:

    In our multicultural racially and religiously diverse family, we celebrate just about everything; sometimes for no discernible reason. With Chanukah falling the eve before Thanksgiving, my annual holiday dinner will take on a whole new dimension. Sweet potato kugel casserole. Jelly donuts for dessert. Usual breast of turkey and that horrible but wonderful green bean casserole. Junior’s cheesecake from New York. Steamed dumplings for appetizers.We’ll all join hands and say what we’re thankful for, then spin the dreidel. Festivus for the rest of us!

  3. Robin Woods says:

    The more the merrier to share sweet potato kugel casserole. I can always find a space for you, too when we have our annual family pre-Christmas Chinese takeout and gift exchange on 12/22!

    • Karen says:

      Robin, holidays at your house sound like a lot of fun. I wish there was a good Chinese restaurant where I live, so I could steal this idea!

      • Robin Woods says:

        We found what we think is the best Chinese food equivalent (!) to what we’re used to from living in Manhattan before moving to Montclair; a little hole in the wall takeout place right near our home. It’s not fancy, but we’ve always been happy with the food and delivery service. Plus, they always send free portions of dishes for us to sample, free beverages…and for the holidays—those wonderful Asian calendars. This holiday tradition comes from my always hosting the family dinners and deciding that I won’t cook for Christmas. My Nana used to tell us that she wanted to be buried in the kitchen of the Cantonese restaurant we went to each Sunday in Brooklyn.

  4. Astorix says:

    Still getting used to moving from US to Canada and having Thanksgiving in October, but my two older children still work in US so our Chanukah celebration will involve a lot of phone calls, texting
    That sweet potato kugel casserole does sound good!

  5. Stacie says:

    I don’t even know what I’d do with this prize. I already have the zombie one. But I love that you’re doing this!

  6. Heather says:

    We love Mama Doni! We first found her on NJ FAMILY with her 8 tips for Chanukah. Thanks for a chance to win this!

  7. This is a riot! The family into which I married is part Jewish, so things always end up being a crazy blend of everything…and always too much food!

  8. Isa says:

    I love cranberries, so I’m trying to work them into Hanukkah this year. Maybe on top of latkes?

  9. Robin Woods says:

    Raymond darling: The restaurant if called China Royal. 148 Bloomfield Avenue. Just found out I can also order online! Whoopie!
    It’s not meant to be an eat-in restaurant. At least not in my opinion.Small storefront, Big portions, great spices, careful not to use MSG.

  10. Robin Woods says:

    Sorry, meant “is” called…guess I’m in need of some of their hot and sour soup.

  11. TheJackB says:

    Chanukah is one of my favorite holidays. Got to be honest, would prefer not to share it with Thanksgiving, too much good food.

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