No New Jerseyans Left Behind…

So, no surprise here. Chris Christie was voted in for a second term as The Garden State Governor, and it was by a lot. A friend, flabbergasted that the spread was so wide, felt deflated and hopeless. “How can people vote against themselves?” she asked.

I explained that Christie’s a likable guy from afar. He reminds people of James Gandolfini. He is casual enough to be that gruff uncle, and business-like enough to seem organized. People like that — we don’t want messy details. And Christie says things with force and strength — as though they are true. For example, in his victory speech he said, “I will finish the job for New Jersey!” Well okay. We’ll see if what he implies — finishing out his term — is what he meant. He also said he is one of us…

He also said that New Jersey is like the military — it doesn’t leave anyone behind. No New Jerseyan Left behind sounds lovely, except that he doesn’t actually mean all of us.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

But don’t worry, Chris Christie is just as deluded about himself as 60% of the state is.

Write to Chris Christie to congratulate him on his win. And let him know that we hold him to live up to his words with his actions.


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5 Responses to No New Jerseyans Left Behind…

  1. I see your other arguments, but how is it his fault he’s not female, gay, poor, etc.???

    • You just gave me a very interesting visual of Chris Christie…

      I was responding to his statement in his speech last night that he is “one of us” — but he has made specific comments, in public, about separating himself from the gay community, those who receive assistance from the state (directly or indirectly), and he has defunded Planned Parenthood which provides low-cost or free gynecological and pre-natal care to women who would otherwise not be able to afford it.

      That was where my commentary came from. I certainly don’t expect him to become a woman, gay or not!

  2. I think he would make a GREAT gay guy. Can’t you just see it? heeheehee. Great post. He’s a panderer and a flippety-flopper, and under that gruff “straight-shooter” front is a conservative redneck (with apologies to rednecks everywhere)…NJ may rue the day that they sent him back to office.

    • They already rue the day, but Christie has managed to deflect blame to Obama, the Unions, the townships (despite his policies causing the scramble for funding), and the state legislature. Incredible politicking!

  3. Oops. I wonder how long it took for County Prosecutor (and future state AG) Paula Dow, county leaders and U.S Attorney Chris Christie to wipe the egg from their faces.

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