Lazy Mom’s Guide to Indoor Activities: Northlandz


As the weather slowly, surely gets less friendly to outdoor activities with the kids, some diligent parents begin thinking of science projects and craft projects. Then there are others, like me, who start making lists of all the places they can take their children to be entertained. Northlandz in Flemington, NJ is one such place.

It’s not cheap, but you and a child or two could spend a solid couple of hours watching trains and enjoying the fun and corny jokes embedded in the scenes created by the owner of Northlandz. And it ends up costing no more than sitting on your butt in a movie. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

Listen, the place is hokey. And it’s not shiny and glossy and new. But we have had two really fun visits, and the kids love watching the trains (and so do the adults). And the adults chuckle at the jokes. And the snack bar has giant pretzels and other snacks. Besides, every inch of the place makes it clear that Northlandz is a labor of love. Including the doll collection and focus on local artists.

Read the colorful history here. See my set of photos from our latest visit here.

Northlandz is in Flemington, NJ at 495 U.S. Route 202. Directions. 908-782-4022


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8 Responses to Lazy Mom’s Guide to Indoor Activities: Northlandz

  1. Amy says:

    Holy cannoli Kristin! Where did you hear about this place? Pretty soon my living room is going to look like this . . .

  2. kcourt40 says:

    I’ll have to check this out. I have two girls who would definitely enjoy it. Plus we don’t live too far away. Thanks for the great recommendation!

  3. Stacie says:

    That sounds interesting! But then I’d have to get off of my butt and stop watching football…

  4. Gregory Hill says:

    I love model trains. My father in law has a train room in his house… I’ve done scenic backgrounds for him. I think that building little model towns for train sets would be a wonderful way to live…

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