Happy pre-All Soul’s Day! (Turkey Edition.)

Turkey HalloweenThis is for all the people who LOVE putting up Halloween decorations by October 1st and will leave them up until it’s time to put up holiday lights. I love you guys!

Click on the picture for more great comics from Dan Piraro.


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6 Responses to Happy pre-All Soul’s Day! (Turkey Edition.)

  1. Since we are renovating and there is cr@p everywhere — I didn’t bother delveing into my Halloween decorations this year. And I have a lot of them. We usually try to carve many pumpkins. Nope. Didn’t even try to do that. Last night I went up to the attic and unearthed a plastic one that lights up for the back steps.

  2. Stacie says:

    We didn’t do it this year. We get NO ONE at our house. But it was fun to go to the popular neighborhoods and see what the other half did!

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