Lazy Mom’s Guide to Fire

For all my talk about fire and meditation and watching the flames…I still haven’t run out to buy a fire pit, and we haven’t yet had a fire in the fireplace. (The same fireplace-type-thing that was a HUGE bonus in a rental back in Brooklyn. Still never saw anyone use their “working fireplace” though.)

But the other day I saw this outside a grocery store.

bonfireCould this be the answer to all the dirty, messy, ashy, prep and clean-up issues I have with regular, old, out-dated bonfires? It’s not bad, really. You can see it burn here. But I think this may be one time that this Lazy Mom prefers to put in the extra effort. It just seems like the result is a little less underwhelming.


I did not set-up, light, maintain, or clean-up this fire.

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4 Responses to Lazy Mom’s Guide to Fire

  1. I agree – worth the extra effort. 😉

  2. Daniel Nest says:

    Setting fire to stuff is too fun to simplify the process! And now I’m probably on several watch-lists, just for making that statement.

    • bethteliho says:

      haha Daniel that was funny.
      I agree, the light-the-log thing is underwhelming unless you’re just in a pinch to entertain the kids with some quick Smores or something. If you have the time to enjoy it, go for the whole Shabang fer sher. We have one of those little outdoor (portable) fire pits and it’s so freakin’ cool. Not too much trouble to light and clean either I must say.

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