The Closest I’ve Been to Meditating

IMG_5684I’ve always wanted a fire pit. I love camping, and sitting at a fire, either with friends or alone, has been the closest I’ve ever come to meditating. Watching a campfire is hypnotic, isn’t it?

My sister’s house has a ring of rocks in the backyard that was used by the previous owners for roasting marshmallows and staring into the fire and warming hands at the flames. It’s perfect — and she’s never used it. The potential is there, of course. But the time hasn’t been right.

Some friends who moved here recently and just bought a house have one of those metal fire pits that make all those ideal moments easily possible. They use it all the time. They aren’t hampered by choosing the “right” time or worrying about clean-up and needing to make it “special.”

A couple of weeks ago, I attended an Equinox gathering that asked us to sing and chant and drum in honor of the harvest and bounty and power that comes from Mother Nature. The date of that fire was definite and scheduled and ritualistic.

All this to say, don’t think of life as You Only Live Once. It’s so finite and throwaway. So apathetic, so WTF. Think of what you want to do in terms of Carpe Diem — Live for Today — seizing the day we have instead of waiting and longing and over-planning. Life shouldn’t be delayed due to dreading the cleanup of ashes after the fire.

One way to yawp out carpe diem is to link up to the yeah write challenge grid. Go on! Seize the day!


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17 Responses to The Closest I’ve Been to Meditating

  1. fire is mesmerizing! and you’re right. we don’t even use our fireplace!!

  2. We moved into our house last year right after the hurricane and it got freezing cold 2 days later, so we started building fires, and then it turned into a nightly event. We would get home from work, change into comfortable clothes, build a fire in the living room, and sit on the couch for the rest of the night. I can’t wait for it to get cold enough to pick that tradition right back up again.

  3. wcdameron says:

    We have a communal fire pit at our development in Maine. Every Saturday night the neighbors all gather there, someone brings music, someone brings chips, we all bring something to drink. We sit in Adirondack chairs and laugh, tell stories and sometimes just look at the stars. I cannot tell you how much we love it! It is primal. Go ahead and get a fire pit!

  4. jannatwrites says:

    We have one of those metal fire pits, too. They really are great to sit around and feel the warmth – and talk. Love the ending- oh how many times I’ve not done something because it was more work.

  5. We have a chimenea (sp?) in our yard that we don’t use often enough and a fireplace we haven’t used in the 3.5 years we’ve lived here. I have to admit though, I’m far less nervous ab out starting a fire outside than I am in!

  6. mamarific says:

    We have a metal fire pit, and it is quite fun. But we only get to really use it for a few months here in Texas. And I admit, I might not use it as much if I didn’t have my husband to clean it up.

  7. outlawmama says:

    I am dying for a fire pit. So cozy and meditative.

  8. “Life shouldn’t be delayed due to dreading the cleanup of ashes after the fire.” I need to remind myself of that ALL THE TIME. What a great illustration!

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