Happy Flag Day: Made in China

photo copy 3The irony is rich, if not new.

And if you’re all like, “Oh geez. Flag Day? What’s that? Another made up holiday?” Read this from Mental Floss: Flag Day Facts.

A little extra time this weekend? Here’s some moonshine over at yeah write. Mmmm.


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12 Responses to Happy Flag Day: Made in China

  1. Erica M says:

    I agree with a tweet I just saw: where is the Google Doodle for Flag Day?

    Cool moonshine post. The moonshine grid is the tumblr of yeah write grids.

  2. mannahattamamma says:

    head smack. the ironies of the world just never cease to amaze me. and depress me….

  3. Daniel Nest says:

    Wasn’t there a Father’s Day coming up (come and gone? is right NOW?)?!

    I’m losing track of holidays, but hey – the more holidays the…more…holidays. Yeah.

  4. Stacie says:

    Oh man….And yes, Google dropped the ball, er, flag.

  5. Larks says:

    Yeah. Ironic? Yes. Surprising? No. Sigh. But happy flag day!

  6. I was just asked (read grilled) by my child about flag history. I wish I had read the mental floss thing last week. But it’s helpful now, so thanks!

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