Love is Brewing in Montclair

Love is Brewing in Montclair

This mural – and the Java Love logo – were created by Tracey Diamond, a local parent and designer.
Click on the photo for her site.

I love coffee. If I had to choose between wine and coffee, it’d had to be coffee. If I had to choose between chocolate and coffee, it’d be a tougher decision, but I think I’d still choose coffee. And lucky me was able to indulge in a coffee-lover’s dream evening at the VIP* event at Java Love, the newest place to fall in love with hot liquid joy all over again. Wow. That does not sound right.

Java Love, which is owned and operated by Jodie Dawson and Kristine Petrik, is a rustic spot to sip a cappuccino, ice brewed java, or a traditional cup of joe. The store, at 244 Bellevue Avenue in Montclair (next to Olive That! and just down from the Bellevue Cinema), also sells coffee beans and coffee accessories. I first got to know Java Love through a school fundraiser over the 2012 holidays. So good! I also noticed that Java Love coffee was served at The Montclair Bread, Co., another favorite spot in town. Now, Java Love is the place hosting different local products including The Chocolate Path, The Montclair Bread Co., Little Daisy Bakeshop, and Olive That!photo copy 7

At the VIP* event last week, we learned about Cupping Coffee, pea berries – the most valuable type of coffee bean, and Jodie (who is a trained sommelier) told us that coffee actually has far more nuance than wine. The coffee cupping exercise convinced me.

The cappuccino I had after the Cinderella screening at the Montclair Film Fest was excellent, and I have to admit that I think the iced coffee I tried at the VIP event was my favorite of the night. No milk, no sugar, just ice and coffee. Rich and full. Definitely stop in and check out the offerings at Java Love. As of today, they’re still getting details finalized – because they are really brand new! – so make sure to ask about prices and drinks if you don’t see them listed. I found the drink prices very reasonable, and the coffee was good to the very last sip.

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If you stop in, let me know what you tried and what you thought!

*VIP: I have no idea why I’m considered a VIP. I think it might mean Voluptuous Internet Padawan, but who knows.


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12 Responses to Love is Brewing in Montclair

  1. Jodie says:

    Thanks, Kristin, for helping us spread the LOVE in Montclair!!! See you soon over a nice cold brew. Have you tried the iced tea yet or locally made Yogic Chai?

  2. Beautiful article and amazing event for the best coffee spot in town : )

  3. Jacob says:

    I can’t wait to try that chai!

    (but choosing coffee over chocolate = blasphemy. just sayin.)

  4. Rachel J says:

    Did you know that before you sent me that bar of expensive dark chocolate I always thought I didn’t like dark chocolate. Now Davey sighs and turns his head whenever we get to the Trader Jo’s chocolate aisle :).

  5. Coffee is my drug of choice too, so I loved reading this. I was so excited yesterday, because the expensive Kona was on sale…I was a happy camper this morning. 🙂

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