First Weekend in May Brings Out Suburban Weekend Warriors

photoNo need to leave town when you live in mine. Some weekends are comfortable routine, and some are chock full of tantrum-inducing activities. This weekend was exhausting and most excellent – the perfect combination of both.

With the Montclair Film Festival in full-swing and with perfect weather to bask in, my family enjoyed routine activities, indoor culture, and outdoor veggie-garden planting while getting back-to-nature. And we avoided sunburns, to boot!

dressed up for CinderellaSaturday was about Soccer, seeing Montclair Film Festival films with the kids (Magic Camp! Cinderella!), and then bowing out of the Filmmakers Party due to exhaustion and wanting to spend a quiet evening at home with the kids. (I know, we’re old and tired and so not red-carpet-ready.) It was totally worth it.

The highlight was definitely the Disney Magic. The kids loved getting dressed up for it, and the entire audience was full of princesses and princes and happy chatter. It was a beautiful, cleaned-up film, and my son laughed through the mouse-antics, and my daughter loved the fairy godmother’s song and magic.

vegan tamales and avocado tacoSunday was lazy and lovely. We were totally out of milk, bread, and any food other than risotto rice and lemon juice, so we went to Taqueria Autentica for lunch – it was the 5th of May, after all. Lucky for me they had their vegan tamales AND an avocado taco as specials. My carnivore husband was very happy to enjoy the chorizo tacos — and we decided that the salsa verde was probably the best thing ever. (After the avocado tacos.) We even got to sit outside in the sun, and the kids enjoyed drawing with the chalk on the sidewalk.

photo copy 2After that it was off to Richfield Farms in Clifton for plantings for our vegetable garden. I picked out lettuce, cukes, peppers, tomatoes, and some sweet basil for good measure.  I didn’t buy tomatoes all last summer, so I’m hoping they do just as well this year. It was fun to dig around in the dirt with the kids and plant the already started veggies. My husband had the tough job earlier in the day of building our second raised garden — I got to fool around and pretend to know what I was doing with spacing the seedlings. (18 inches apart is pretty much the same as 8 inches, right?)

We all pretty much collapsed onto the couch after bath-time for some silliness with America’s Funniest Home Videos with Tom Bergeron (my kids love Tom Bergeron!). I spend most of the show cringing and covering my face while the kids and my better half howl in laughter. I swear that show creates helicopter moms.

What was the best part of your weekend? Don’t even try to say it was better than ours!


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5 Responses to First Weekend in May Brings Out Suburban Weekend Warriors

  1. Great pics in this post! Sounds like an outstanding weekend.

  2. Ah, it was a glorious weekend. My husband repainted the part of our fence that Hurricane Sandy didn’t destroy; the part she did destroy was fixed/painted by a fencing company and it made the existing panels look sad. I cleared leaves and debris from our perimeter planting beds. Thus far, I’ve worked 25 hours on the yard. I’m weird and keep track of my hours…must be my Master Gardener training! We topped it off with dinner at a terrific Mexican restaurant in Hoboken; dinner with our daughter and her boyfriend for Cinco de mayo.

  3. anna says:

    Love all the sunny photos. And I’m jealous your garden is planted, I’m supposed to do my this weekend but the weather may say different.

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