Preventing Gun Violence In Any Way We Can…Regardless of Politics

I can’t tell you how miserable this video compilation from Moms Demand Action for Gunsense in America makes me.  It’s been an exhausting, educational, heart-wrenching four months since I started working with the NJ Chapter. And somehow, more than other ads and videos, this one really gets to me. Probably because it demonstrates so clearly how little our government has done to regulate weapons that are used to shoot 100, 000 people in The United States every year. Over 30,000 of those shooting victims die. The rest live with pain, disabilities, PTSD, loss of limb and ability, and so on. We don’t talk about them all too much, do we?

But after being miserable, I shake it off and remember how I felt having to talk about Columbine with my own high school students, how relieved I was to be on maternity leave so I wouldn’t have to have the same conversation after Virginia Tech, how angry and disgusted with a ridiculous “law” I was – recognizing my own Skittle-eating students – at the Trayvon Martin murder, how horrified I was at learning about the Aurora shootings on Twitter – and later hearing the stories of those in the theater “waiting for the shooting to stop, but it didn’t,” and how I sobbed with fury at the Newtown tragedy. Then I remember meeting parents of a young woman killed almost 20 years ago on the LIRR massacre, and seeing their strong, weary, persevering eyes. Such strength.

After a deep breath, I stop being miserable and defeated and get back to determined. This fight is not new. This fight is not unique. But it’s a fight that needs an army of compassion, strength, activity, and YOU. Yes, YOU are needed. Be Bold. Get involved in whichever organization fits for you. There are loads. This post from Mom-101 has a few to start.


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2 Responses to Preventing Gun Violence In Any Way We Can…Regardless of Politics

  1. It doesn’t make sense to like this, but I did. Today I will speak at Seagonville Federal Prison, it will be the third time I speak this year, I haven’t counted how many times I have spoken in the past 9 years in the Victim Impact program. Spoken inside Federal and State prisons, juvenile prisons, to parole groups and first responders. Victim Impact is a program I speak in as a victim of violent crime, one of those you mention someone with long term disability, long term pain management issues. Yet I stand up and speak, not my fury but my hope those who have a choice to do better do so.

    My fury though, it is aimed at those who can change the rules and refuse to do so. Defeated? Sometimes I feel so. You have given me hope twice today, thank you.

    • Thank you for your strength and willingness to share. Thank you for not allowing the LIVING victims of gun violence to be invisible. Not everyone has the strength or desire to be an activist, and no one should be forced to be, but I am grateful for those who can and do.

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