Love Thy Neighbor with Italian Pastry

Sfogliatelle from Nicolo's Today is about getting back to hyper-local love. As I came back from the bus stop yesterday afternoon, I saw a crinkly white bag on top of my mailbox. Oh Jeez, I thought, did someone leave something nasty as a “quit being such a busybody” message? (I mean, really, I thought it was dog crap or something.)

It was not something nasty. It was something very, very good.

A few days earlier, my neighbors and I had been waxing poetic on the joys of pastry, and one neighbor claimed that the best pastry is Sfogliatelle from Nicolo’s Bakery in Montclair. I admitting to not particularly liking pastry with cream or gooey insides, and he said, “Oh, you’ll like this.”

And I did. I really, really did. Thank you, neighbor!


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8 Responses to Love Thy Neighbor with Italian Pastry

  1. johar1 says:

    OK, so I will be practicing how to pronounce it so I can go get it SOON!!! I AM a total pastry with gooey, creamy insides kind of girl. One day I will introduce you to the amazing world of the Puerto Rican quesito… yum!

  2. Love those! lucky you that would have totally made my day

  3. That is really, really nice. One of the things I love about my new town. Nice neighbors.

  4. My heart nearly stopped when I saw that delicious looking sfogliatelle! One of my favorites. Yum. And what a lovely neighbor you have.

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