Ticket to Ride

Buy the Ticket Take the Ride“Buy the Ticket – Take the Ride.”

Is this a more clever way of saying “Just Do It!” or YOLO (which I’ve had to look up more than once to remember what it means). Or is it more along the lines of “You made your bed, not sleep in it”?

Help me out with this. Because my interpretation depends on my mood – which changes often enough to make me wonder what’s what.

This sandwich board often has fun sayings that are changed time to time by the owner of the Pat Gail Gallery.

See more here.

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Adjusting to car culture, dealing with leaving a career I loved, and spouting off along the way. Do The Most Good.
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8 Responses to Ticket to Ride

  1. I love it when places are witty on their sign boards. Such a simple way to show they’re human πŸ™‚

  2. I read it as “go for it!” But I see how mood could affect interpretation…

  3. Pat gail says:

    My signs are generally a reflection of my mood and this is such a simple way to get the folks that pass by to remember my shop. We need to smile everyday and I just cannot get that creative with the word SALE. So glad that you saw it!

  4. I’ve been meaning to comment on this since I saw it. Now, you know I lean a bit toward the pessimistic side, but I saw it as a motivational and positive message. It could be that is what I needed to see since I had a big decision looming over me. And I’d sound cheesy if I said that it pushed me a little bit more towards taking a leap, so I won’t say it. (But it did, because I am cheesy and pictures of boards someone else saw seem to inspire me.)

    • I really love that you came back to comment. My first thought when I saw this was that it had to do with the “Crazy Train” to Hell or something…but that was my mood. I changed it up a bit for public consumption. I’m a strange mix of annoyingly positive optimism and dark, spiky-hair-sprouting cynicism.

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