Why Regulation of Guns and Ammunition Matters – short list

more regulated than gunsI’m dense. I just don’t understand why those who want to preserve their 2nd Amendment right to “bear arms” in a “well regulated militia” would defend magazines holding scores of bullets. And if the voices deriding and castigating the “housewives with too much time on their hands” are truly responsible and legal gun owners, why wouldn’t they want to help close background check (which apparently MOST do) loopholes, and why wouldn’t they want to stymie the generous flow of weapons from highly permissive states like Mississippi across state lines? And because “no federal permit is required (or available) for the interstate transportation of firearms,” lovely, long roads like the I-95 get busy with shuttling guns into states with more stringent purchasing laws. And in the end, when you look at maps like this, it doesn’t matter much – most of our states are gapingly lax when it comes to gun regulation.

And that’s why I will be joining today’s rally in Jersey City to raise my voice for stronger FEDERAL gun regulation. In essence, I’ll be using my first amendment rights to speak up about how I feel concerning the current atmosphere surrounding the second amendment.



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12 Responses to Why Regulation of Guns and Ammunition Matters – short list

  1. raymmmondo says:

    Thank you–for your blog(s) and for speaking up/out at the rally today!

  2. So glad you were there! It’s amazing to me that anyone could say “oh yeah, I TOTALLY need this ammunitiion clip with eightygazillion bullets in it.” Fer sure. Deep, deep sigh.

    • Many pro-gun advocates have begun taking the tack that it’s not about hunting or sport – it’s about protecting themselves against a totalitarian government. Even more delusional. Or…they believe The Walking Dead is actually going to happen.

  3. outlawmama says:

    Thank you for going and writing this. I am highly in favor of federal gun laws as a start. Don’t get me started with high capacity gun magazines.

  4. I’ve been writing a little about gun control too. I was fascinated by Constitutional Law when I was in college and law school, and my main take-away from all those classes was that there is no such thing as an absolute freedom. All of our freedoms have limits, it’s the price we pay for living in a civilized society. So I have such a hard time understanding why proponents of the Second Amendment think that the right to own guns should be the only freedom that is virtually limitless. It boggles the mind. You are awesome for lending your voice to the rally. Here’s hoping that changes are afoot.

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