Glad I Saw It: Nuts and Honey

A_2ytvRCYAAw8mg.jpg-large 2I know it’s nothing new to say that food can bring back intense memories. Comfort food is so much more than taste and texture, isn’t it? Well, each time I see these jars of nuts in honey I am reminded of when I lived in Spain and traveled into the Sierra Nevada mountains on the weekends. Especially Las Alpujarras. So beautiful.

There were often small tables selling various items on the side of the road. Sometimes people would even have their front doors or windows open with their wares – and the most messy, delicious, wonderful find was always these jars of honey with almonds. I’d eat them with my fingers. Gooey and yummy.

When I see these jars now, I don’t buy them for myself.  But there are two or three people to whom I love to send the sticky sunshine.  I strongly suggest, if you ever need a sweet pick-me-up, to visit the Montclair Farmer’s Market and look for the Tassot Apiaries booth. There are lots of places around New Jersey that carry their honey, as well. Or, you can purchase their items at their website.



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6 Responses to Glad I Saw It: Nuts and Honey

  1. Stacie says:

    That sounds so interesting. I would have looked at those and said “Huh?” So cool it has a history for you 🙂

  2. I love the honey from Tassot Apiaries too but not tried those nuts.

    You can’t eat it but their beeswax soap is wonderful – no nasties, just natural and smells so good.

  3. Bea Tassot says:

    Thank you everybody, we love when customers are happy!

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