Creative Women’s Collective Artisan Holiday Market

RusticThere are amazing craft fairs and art shows going on now in our area – and I love seeing the items that the artists come up with to show. This weekend, I stopped by at the Creative Women’s Collective Artisan Market, held at the Glen Ridge Congregational Church on Saturday.

I took two friends from the yeah write community with me before lunch at Indigo Kitchen. Now, many of you know I’m a sucker for small businesses and handmade items. Like people who can carry a tune, I am totally in awe of those who can create beautiful and fun and quirky items. I am quite uncrafty when it comes too all that, and I love seeing that it’s out there.

I ended up buying several great finds including a punk Santa, beer soap, cute beaded key chains, some baking accessories, and handmade bottle gift tags that will make me look super thoughtful when really all I did was buy a bottle of something and stick the tag on. Love that!image-3

I have to get back to places like The Chocolate Path and JoShu tees!

Look through this flickr set of some of the great booths that were there. The flyer for the event and the webpage for the Creative Women’s Collective has contact information for many of the vendors.

Buy local!


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3 Responses to Creative Women’s Collective Artisan Holiday Market

  1. outlawmama says:

    Me too. I like people who can carry a tune and artisans. I’ve had a hard time finding them in Chicago. I know they are there, but where????

  2. So fun to see the pictures and yay you for giving them such nice publicity. I also am always amazed since I’m not crafty. Thanks for taking us!

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