Get Some REAL Holiday Magic With Homemade Magic Wands

I recently stopped in to Aunt Jean’s Toys & Treats for a gift before a kiddie party, and I found magic.  A Magic Wand, that is. Borne of a child’s need for the perfect accessory in a Harry Potter parody, local dad Matt Brown started created these very cool, very sparkly Spellcaster Magic Wands.

You can read more about the story of how these came to be at Barista Kids or at the Spellcaster Magic Wand site.

Each wand is unique because each is made from a different stick and with a hand-made collection of colors and patterns.  And did I mention they are sparkly?  Another excellent detail about these wands is that each one comes with a card that details each wand’s special spell and magic words.

You can see loads of different wands and their spells at the Spellcaster Etsy site, or visit Aunt Jean’s Toys & Treats.  I know of several kids* who will be casting some spells this holiday season with these locally made, super-fun, and sparkly wands!

* And by “kids” I mean children and adults. There are several wands aimed at the older set – like one I’ll be sure to purchase if can remember to do so: the “UnSenior Moment” wand.


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2 Responses to Get Some REAL Holiday Magic With Homemade Magic Wands

  1. Azara says:

    What a fun gift idea. Off to check out the Etsy site – thanks for the tip!

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