When Ages Collide: Diagnosis

While weathering Sandy’s wrath, my home – which got power back after two days – became our neighbors’ home; they got power back after ten days. It was surprisingly easy, and it came with a variety of benefits. One of the greatest was that our kids had extra playmates close at hand during the week and a half of unexpected school vacation.

Our boys are the same age, so that was perfect. However, six years separates my daughter from their older daughter, so of course my kid wanted to be with the “Big Girls” all the time. They were wonderful with her, and I think they actually enjoyed teaching her in “school,” reading with her, dressing up for make-believe, and playing (non-euphemistic) doctor.

As you can see from the photo, the “doctor’s office” was very thorough. They listed symptoms, provided a diagnosis, and they even wrote up a prescription. (Not pictured.) If you notice, the final diagnosis is “Got sick when listening to a story.” What I especially loved about that detail was how it showed the progression of their playtime from reading stories to playing doctor. Again, similar to yesterday’s post, I just like finding out how the kids play when no one is watching.


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12 Responses to When Ages Collide: Diagnosis

  1. Robbie says:

    So glad you were able to offer your neighbors shelter from and after the storm. Impressive doctoring.

  2. Too cute. This look just like something my daughter would have done. The one who last week presented me with a list of 150 names of “All the people who have a phone and I don’t.”

  3. Ginny Marie says:

    So nice that your kids had playmates during that unexpected time off from school!

  4. Exactly! My younger son was very sad when the neighbors 3 boys moved back home after their 10 day stay at our house! It was a playdate fest!

  5. Azara says:

    I love that diagnosis board – awesome.

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