Glad I Saw It: Sleeping Dollies

I love when I stumble upon a scene in my kids’ rooms that shows me a little of what they do when I’m not around. My son’s created scenes usually center around some combination of Dinosaurs and Fairies, and my daughter’s are most decidedly all about her many, many dolls.

This photo shows what I found when I was puttering about straightening up one morning around the house. It’s a collection that spans 40 years. The orange doll – named Dolly – was mine as a child. It makes me so happy that my kids now play with her. I couldn’t bear to throw her away, despite her sad condition, so I bequeathed Dolly to my kids. She fits right in. Mostly.  You are surely familiar with Dora, and the other two are relatively new dolls – one of my daughter’s choosing and one was a recent birthday gift. Somehow this little scene made me smile.

“They get tired during the day, Mommy. And then they play at night.”


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13 Responses to Glad I Saw It: Sleeping Dollies

  1. Michelle Longo says:

    I love the whole thing and I stated at te picture way too log because it was so sweet. But the end, that they get tired, so precious!!

  2. malia says:

    cute! i used to do this, too, and i notice that my niece does this as well. whereas my nephew? he just makes them fight. so funny! 🙂

  3. I love this! Especially the explanation given. So sweet!

  4. Azara says:

    So sweet! My daughter has just started doing this in the last few months and I think it’s adorable. I especially liked when she gave one of her dolls a soother, put her in her brother’s swing and covered the doll with a blanket. Love it 🙂

  5. anna says:

    love it. my mom makes nice sweaters and leg warmers for groovy girls, if you want to email me your daughter’s colors of choice.

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