Veterans Day: Honoring the Wounded

One of my neighbors is the amazing photographer Leslie Granda-Hill. She has done extensive work with The Wounded Warrior project, which uses its programs to provide emotional, physical, lifestyle, and monetary support to returning veterans. Its mission is to take a “holistic approach when serving warriors and their families to nurture the mind and body, and encourage economic empowerment and engagement.” Basically, The Wounded Warrior project acknowledges that coming home is the first step in a journey that needs companions and support. You can donate here: Wounded Warrior Project.

One of Leslie’s projects is called “Coming Home” – a photo essay on wounded warriors. I encourage you to take some time to visit the photographs and to read the mini-essays that accompany it. Coming Home is almost never easy.

In December, Leslie will have a reception for the opening of her photography displayed at the Montclair Library’s main branch: “Only in New Jersey.”


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6 Responses to Veterans Day: Honoring the Wounded

  1. What gorgeous photos! I particularly love the ones of Luis and his service dog, Tuesday. Just exquisite.

  2. Gregory Hill says:

    Thank you for mentioning Leslie’s work and site. I passed the link on to her, and she was thrilled.

  3. DOtti says:

    Robert and Edie English travel to Thailand every year since he was stationed there in 69. He was in the 46th scaf. They helped in the villages the childern this the gave the shoes. While in Thailand this month. They went scuba diving. Something went very wrong. And we lost Rob English. you can google rob english mays landing nj channel 40 news. And rob and edie english thailand. Edie is still on her home.

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