Glad I Saw It: Melting Snow People

I saw these two as I parked on Ridgewood to bring my kids to the absolute last Hallowe’en event of the year. Seriously, I adore Hallowe’en, but this year has made me tire of the costumes and candy and energy spent to keep the tradition of All Hallows Eve alive. I think my happy-go-lucky, lovin’ life attitude needs a boost post-Sandy.

So, to whoever made these two lovely, tiny snow people: Thank You. Because when I parked just far enough away from the green fire hydrant to avoid a ticket, I didn’t yet realize how much seeing those two carefully dressed snow people would lift my spirits. This, my friends, is exactly what all my Glad I Saw It stuff is all about. I want to share the things that made me smile, laugh, raise an eyebrow, or even go Hmmmm. It’s all good.

It’s all good. Even when things are bad. Sounds silly, but it’s true for the most part.  Don’t forget, even when most of us have our power back on, others would love to have a powerless house to huddle in. See Daddy Knows Less for an example. Or maybe Staten Island Recovers. Or maybe Long Island is your thing? I know there are many more.


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12 Responses to Glad I Saw It: Melting Snow People

  1. I kind of felt like Halloween was never going to go away this year. I’ve heard many who enjoy the day growing tired of it. Love those snow people. So cute.

  2. Those are such cute little snow people! Quite a feat considering how fast the snow melted this time!

  3. I love these! Even though I know that the snow was so awful for the Sandy recovery efforts, seeing the snowmen in my new neighborhood on Thursday really lifted my spirits and made my smile. And I think that all of us in the NY/NJ area could really use some smiles and cheers these days.

  4. HF says:

    I would’ve loved seeing that, too! Thanks for the photo.

  5. Azara says:

    Those are amazing. Love them!

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