The Chai Cycle is On Call

The Hurricane Super-Storm Sandy disruptions to NJ Transit and electricity seem miniscule when held up against the destruction and loss of life on the Jersey Shore and Staten Island and the other heavily impacted areas. (I use heavily in a relative way, of course. With the cold, “simple” loss of power is horrible in its own special way.) But the smaller issues are painful for those experiencing them.

One small business that has suffered from the disruption to train service in Montclair is The Chai Cycle, driven by Ricardo DaCosta. A day’s Chai Cycle supply usually sells out its coffee and chai (including pumpkin spiced!) by about 9:30 am. This last week, has proved much more trying. Without the usual commuting crowds at places like Walnut and Bay Street Station (where the standing cafe is), business has lagged. When lines at the gas stations started up, everyone’s frustrating wait became a boon for The Chai Cycle’s sales. Still, it’s been much more costly in commuting costs for the cycle as well as time and energy for DaCosta.

He’ll come to you if you text him at 973 951 1469. Or, when power is back, visit the shop at the Bay Street Station in Montclair. I’ve been lucky enough to run into The Chai Cycle a few times by chance – yum!

On a side note, @TheChaiCycle on Twitter and The ChaiCycle on Facebook has been updating with real-time maps of how long gas lines are at different stations. Such a great idea!



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13 Responses to The Chai Cycle is On Call

  1. I love this idea! Have you talked to Mr. Chai Cycle to find out what his story is? And I love that you wrote about him… glad to hear that you’re all okay.

  2. outlawmama says:

    I want him to come to my house. In Chicago. I too love that you profiled him. Warm.

    • His storage locker was broken into yesterday. I realized, after posting, that I think he might take Sundays off, but I’m not sure. Still, trains won’t be back to normal here for 4-6 weeks, so he’ll need help getting the word out! 🙂

  3. Azara says:

    I don’t drink coffee or chai, but this is a great idea. I know lots of people who would be chasing him down the street, especially at this time of year.

  4. shannon says:

    Have you told him about this? I bet he’d love it. Very cool. Does he deliver to Vancouver?

  5. What an awesome business! I hope all the power comes back on soon, and all the transit starts up again, so that he can get back to his regular schedule.

  6. Kianwi says:

    Ricardo is an enterprising guy. He definitely knows how to adapt in tough situations. I hope his business can ride this out until things are back to normal.

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