Worth the Trip Even Without The Apples: Sugar Loaf and Warwick

We were lucky enough to enjoy the last (albeit MUDDY!) weekend of apple-picking at Apple Dave’s Orchards in Warwick, NY. There is also lots to see in the area.

First, if you’re heading out without kids, I highly recommend stopping in at the Applewood Winery (it was renamed Apple Dave’s recently). It had the best hard cider I’ve every tasted. And I have sampled a lot of hard cider!  There is a tasting room with wine and cider, and bottles are for sale. My favorite was the Original Cider, but the Draft was pretty good too.  They are open Friday to Sunday from 11 am – 5 pm. It’s at 82 Four Corners Road in Warwick, NY. But you can get all that by calling the Winery: (845) 988-9292. This weekend is an event I wouldn’t mind returning for: The Hudson Valley Hard Cider Experience. I’ll bet there’s some Jimi Hendrix playing.

I’d also recommend a stop in to Sugar Loaf on the way there or back. We bought a fantastic gourd for Hallowe’en at Luft Gardens, 1366 Kings Highway, but they also have plain birdhouse gourds and seasonal gourds. Snowmen, holiday-themed gourds and so on are available right now.  We bought a jack o’lantern gourd because our real pumpkins kept getting chewed up by squirrels. I don’t remember that happening all the time. Luft Gardens is open Tuesday through Sunday, 11 am – 6 pm.

Because it’s basically next door to Luft Gardens, we ate at The Barnsider Tavern, and it was just fine. The staff was pleasant, the pizza was good, and there was a great selection of items for the adults. With kids, it’s the perfect solution because no one expects a quiet, serene atmosphere.

Really though, the trip was fantastic because of the cool gourds and the cider. 


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13 Responses to Worth the Trip Even Without The Apples: Sugar Loaf and Warwick

  1. Ooh a winery! I’m basically only leaving the house to go to the store. I am in the thick of the gas crisis! My town still completely without power, even the business (grocery stores open on generators). Fun times (at least I have a generator).

  2. TheJackB says:

    Hard Cider sounds really good about now- is 11 AM too early to start drinking. 😉

  3. outlawmama says:

    Cider sounds so good right now. I am stuck in Caribou trying to grade papers. But grateful for you to keep me company.

  4. melisalunt says:

    I really can’t wrap my mind around how they got those gourds inside pumpkins inside gourds. It’s like a ship in a bottle. Or a turducken.

  5. Azara says:

    I like that white pumpkin hybrid or whatever it is. It looks different from the usual decorations and I bet it would look extra ghostly at night.

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