Memories of the Grove Street Horror Show

The dentist at this corner house in Clifton has had ups and downs regarding reactions to his displays for Hallowe’en and Christmas.  I love when people put huge amounts of effort into making life even more interesting than green grass and fall foliage, so I’ve looked forward to seeing this display each of the three years we been here so far.

When I took my kids to see the scary (but campy enough that they were more interested than frightened) sights this year, we ran into the good doctor, and I asked about how it was going. Dr. Gangi has help with the display now, he said, to watch for vandals and to collect money for the Make a Wish foundation. He explained that people have stolen some items, but he still really enjoys doing it all. He was hammering up a witch that had fallen in the rain that weekend. Very friendly guy! We went on a Sunday afternoon, and Dr. Gangi told me that about 1000 people had visited the night before – over a week until Halloween!

Since he had to dismantle the display for the Frankenstorm, I decided to provide a slideshow of what we saw. It’s macabre plus about 43, so be warned if you have small children. If you want to see it in video form, I found this one on YouTube.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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