Glad I Saw It: Sleepy Gargoyle

I always smile when passing this house on Upper Mountain. The two gargoyles at the base of the long path up to the front door look sleepy, but still formidable.  The house is a gorgeous, be-columned* and classic-looking mansion. And still it has two lovely and – dare-I-say – amusing guardians to welcome visitors who dare to pass.  I just love seeing evidence of personality and humor in people’s choices. You can see this guy’s companion here.

On a semi-related note, I snapped this photo while pulled over on Upper Mountain in Montclair. See, that was the responsible thing to do – pull over to take a photo. Earlier, I had given a Montclair Township employee the hairy eyeball as he took a left turn onto Claremont from Upper Mountain. He didn’t notice my glare, however, because HE WAS ON HIS PHONE WHILE DRIVING. Excuse the caps, but it pisses me off. Excuse the crude language, but it really pisses me off!

* As of this writing, “be-columned” is officially a word. I found it on the Internets. No arguments, please.


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6 Responses to Glad I Saw It: Sleepy Gargoyle

  1. Really fun. Perfect for the season. Wouldn’t dare question your use of be-columned. I think you be-clever.

  2. I think Montclair has more interesting sights than SH! Maybe I need to put some gnomes in my yard…

  3. How can you not love a sleepy gargoyle?

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