Hallowe’en Books That Won’t Scare the Pants Off the Kids

Too scary!

Congrats to Lizzie! The books will be in the mail to you as soon as possible. Enjoy them!

At the last birthday party my kindergartener attended, the parents gave a fantastic favor: A kid’s version of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” That very night, we started the book and all was going well…until the headless horseman started to become more active. Then we were told “This book is for older kids” and “The story is too, too scary for me.” Well, alright!

So, this post is to honor Hallowe’en books for the kids who like their scary thrills parceled out in manageable gasps of horror. And because I know you also love books, my four regular readers, and because I love Hallowe’en, I want to share some fun books for the younger set with you.

One spooky night
when the moon was bright,
Mouse crept around,
and this is what he found….

For the very little ones, Mouse’s First Halloween by Lauren Thompson is a board board to love. It’s all about a mouse who keeps getting scared, and then discovering that there’s nothing to be afraid of after all. It’s rhyming, repetitive, and adorable. Basically, perfect for an introduction to the traditional characters of Halloween: Bats, scarecrows, jack 0’lanterns, and on and on. It’s recommended for ages 3-6, but I’d say it’s great for 2+. It’s really an adorable and fun book to read with the kids.

Another cute less-than-terrifying Halloween book for ages 3-7 is Boo to You! by Lois Ehlert. This lovely book is a simple story about mice (again with the rodents!) getting ready for a party – but what to do about the scary cat? The illustrations are collages using pumpkin seeds for teeth, photos of squash and gourds, and wheat and rope for whiskers. Kids will have fun identifying the different parts that make up each picture, and the story is simple and silly. Great for entertaining kids through several reads. 

If you want these two books in time for Hallowe’en reading, leave a comment sharing a time you were scared of nothing at all, like in Mouse’s First Halloween.  I’ll share that after seeing Nightmare on Elm Street, I was terrified of putting my feet down from my bed during the night. No matter how badly I had to go to the bathroom, I wouldn’t get out of bed. I was convinced that two hands, complete with knife-fingers, would reach out and drag me under the bed to a world of horror and suffering. I must have been fifteen. It took a long time to allow myself the luxury of midnight bathroom trips…I think it was 20 years later, and I was pregnant.

I’ll continue to collect comments through Sunday, October 21st at Midnight, EST.  That’s enough time to get the books* to you, right?  Good luck!

*These books are courtesy of Simon & Schuster via the classy ladies at Buzzing Bloggers.


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14 Responses to Hallowe’en Books That Won’t Scare the Pants Off the Kids

  1. Jorge says:

    the biggest scare I ever had
    was having two kids and becoming a dad
    but here we are, five years later
    and i must say, things couldn’t be greater.

  2. Novak says:

    After seeing Jaws, I was afraid to take a bath because I thought a shark could come up through the drain!

  3. Lizzie says:

    Scary Scary quite contrary…It’s Bloody Mary!!!
    My biggest scare (and i must say, i’m caught now and then still looking for her),
    was when I was introduced to ‘Bloody Mary’ in a completely dark room, and a mirror. My siblings directions were: Look into the mirror, repeat ‘Bloody Mary’ 10 times, and she’ll appear! Sure enough she did – – just enough time for my eyes to dilate and see my OWN reflection! (at age 7 – this did not register).

    • That Unique* Weblog says:

      Oh I remember that from Junior High! I still get the willies if the lights are out and I look into a mirror. Ick.

  4. I must say, like Jorge, I was scared of becoming a dad. That’s why I started to blog. But it all worked out. (So far.) But it’s funny you should ask this today because my blog post for the day is about how I recently overcame my fear of heights, to show my daughter that you can face your fears and defeat them. (I won’t post a link.) Was I scared? A little. Was there anything to be afraid of? Not really.

  5. In college I belonged to a service organization that, as a fundraiser, worked one night at a haunted house. I’m such a chicken that I would never go into one of these places myself, but I was covered in make-up and old clothes and stuck in a cube that was supposed to be a freezer. I think I was a zombie before they were all the rage.
    The night seemed to last forever. I startled a few people, but most looked unimpressed. However, the evening hit a low point when one of the patrons jumped back at me and scared me. My heart raced for quite some time after that and I couldn’t wait to leave.
    Ugh-never again!

  6. Anna says:

    Still scared sometimes to take a shower since seeing Psycho all those years ago. Love both those books!

  7. johar1 says:

    Mine too are related to movies. After watching Jaws I too could not leave my bed convinced I was in a boat and underneath the blue carpeting that mechanic shark was going to get me. I also saw a documentary if bees and every time my hair touched my shoulders I thought I was being attacked! Oh and that time staying at a cabin I was convinced the zombies from a movie I can’t remember would eat my friend and I would have to watch… I was about 10-12 and very into scary movies. Now I can only watch comedies.

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