All Linked-Up this Sunday

Saya Woolfalk’s The Empathics

Considering that a week ago I slapped up a cute photo of my kids and wrote a few words in the caption, you’d think that I could have actually written something creative or inspired in the last few days, but alas…you get a linked-up post.

Still, I have been keeping busy. I was lucky enough to have a semi-private tour of the two new exhibits at the Montclair Art Museum. If you’re in the area – or a short ride away – I highly recommend checking out both the Georgia O’Keeffe and Saya Woolfalk installations. Great for kids to visit as well (but alone you can really appreciate them!). Quirky and fun and just gorgeous.

I drank it black and with no sugar. So good.

I also continue to eat my way around Montclair, as is evident by the trail of pignoli cookie crumbs leading straight to my door. I had my first coffee pour-over at Le Salbuen. How can I get her to come to my house in the a.m.?

Another of my favorite obsessions is giving away books – and both Barista Kids (thanks to Vegbooks!) and The Parent du Jour are giving away fantastic reads. The Pigmares and Presidential Pets book giveaway ends tonight!  You have until Wednesday to try for Amy Sohn’s Motherland – or tales of parents behaving badly in our favorite borough.

There’s also a fantastic series of parenting classes starting up this week in Maplewood, NJ and later in New York City. The first one is this week, and its timely subject is about helping parents become scientifically literate. I see your semi-confused look, and I’ll just say that if your kid is wondering why you had to return peanut butter to Trader Joe’s, cantaloupes to the grocery store, and why you spend an extra two dollars on organic apples – and you don’t have a better answer than “Because I say so,” this class will help your good intentions become easier to explain. Those darn kids ask such probing questions. Ouch!

The Modern Village classes are intimate, but there are still some tickets available for Dr. Cotler’s upcoming “Everybody is a Scientist.” Click here for more information.

I promise more sights and fun and obnoxious observations this week. (But I might be crossing my fingers.)


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