Eagerly Awaiting The Hobbit

His name is Oin, and he can handle goofy and serious. Click through for a gallery of character portraits.

I can’t help it. I’ve been a Science Fiction & Fantasy geek since first reading about Sparrowhawk and Pern’s Harper Hall and Wrinkles in Time and Wardrobes as a single-digit kid.

So, of course I’m practically beside myself with joy at the thought of Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit coming out. I disagree with Craig Hubert, of the ArtInfo blog, who wrote that a wide audience will be hard to find because “viewers who want seriousness will have trouble with the goofiness, and kids who want goofiness will have trouble with the darker elements.” I think considering the mingling of serious and silly in “books into films” like The Hunger Games (did you see those wigs?), and even (all the way back!) in the Star Wars films, Sci-Fi & Fantasy audiences have proven that they can handle – that they even desire – a melding of the two. Hello? Comic Con?

In the meantime, join me in salivating over the trailer for The Hobbit.

(Warner Bros. removed the clip from the site hosting it, so click here to see it!)

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10 Responses to Eagerly Awaiting The Hobbit

  1. okay, fantastic. although as a kid, i loved only the early descriptions of the hobbit holes, and not the whole damn faux anglo-saxon saga. it took Aragorn (AHEM VIGGO) to get me back to the books, which i then adored. how is it that ian mckellen manages to look younger in this one than the others? did you read the Dune books? or what about Thomas Covenant, the white-gold wielder? I wonder if those would stand the test of time (Dune does…) are your kids old enough yet to have you read to them Lloyd Alexander?

    • I’m sensing some enthusiasm coming from Abu Dhabi. πŸ™‚ I need to give Dune a second chance. I wasn’t into it at a 12 year old, and never went back. And I was a sucker for the Anglo-Saxon saga stuff because of my identity search as a Tween. Go figure. You should come back here for the premiere and we’ll make a trip out of it!

  2. I’m super excited too! (Fellow sci-fi geek here). The Dune is REALLY good. The movie was not nearly as good.

  3. I don’t think it’s sci fi- but did you read the Game of Thrones series? I am DYING. I live to read at night. Love it and looking forward to the Hobbit too!

  4. I can certainly handle the melding of the two and I’m excited to see this movie! I’d love to bring my boys, who are 6 and 8 now. They’re way into the fantasy genre. But I’ve never taken them to a PG-13 movie before…

  5. Mom101 says:

    My kids are freaking the F out with excitement. They already believe that the LOTR trilogy is the best movie series ever made, and they’re only 5 and 7. Every day my 5 year-old asks, when is the Hobbit coming out again? Glad to join you in the sisterhood of geek.

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