Landing in a Soft Nest

The face painting was sponsored by Aunt Jean’s Toys and Treats.

I attended a wonderful event yesterday that renewed by gratitude for having landed in Montclair.  While I was there, I had two separate conversations with people who were currently renting, but either about to leave or trying to buy in town. Both lamented the cost of housing in town compared to what you get for the money in surrounding towns – and both people were mourning the realities that are keeping them from staying in town. It made me feel so very lucky to be here and be secure in staying here.  Despite my past (and sometimes current) ambiguity towards leaving Brooklyn for the Suburbs, I have to say once again: If I had to leave, this town is the best place I could have landed.

That said, I also believe that at least half of getting settled somewhere is about attitude – and there is much to love (and bemoan) about most cities and towns.  What are some of your favorite parts of where you live?

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9 Responses to Landing in a Soft Nest

  1. anna says:

    I never really liked anywhere I had lived until I moved to Manhattan, where I knew instantly that I had found “my people.” Now in a NJ suburb, I like it here, too. I am glad I live in my town and not my brother-in-law’s just a few miles away, where 3 of his 5 neighbors had Romney signs in their front yards when we visited over the weekend.

    • For me it wasn’t Brooklyn that was “my people” because that changed a lot from when I was in my 20’s to 30’s. It was the vast variety of “people” that attracted me. And my job – which exposed me to the actual people of Brooklyn, not just the ones who got all the attention. 🙂 I’m finding there’s a close parallel to that dynamic here – both in variety and stratification. Same thing, different view.

  2. Erica M says:

    I guess I like how I can run to the mall for a quick errand. I live in an unincorporated area, so no one feels responsible, of the three cities that border my subdivision, for installing sidewalks. If we had sidewalks leading to the mall, I’d actually be living within walking distance. So the opportunity to run to the Apple store when something goes wrong instead of driving an hour away is a draw. To quote Donkey: I’m just so darn bored.

  3. I think Short Hills is a lot like Montclair (but with better restaurants–our closest best restaurants are in Summit). I’d like to get to Montclair more!

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