Glad I Saw It: Honeycrisp at Whole Foods


How much?

My son spotted these right away. “Daddy loves those!” The men in my family love apples. My husband has a sweet spot for Honeycrisp Apples, and my son eats at least one full apple a day. He likes almost any apple, but especially the red ones. My daughter recently started eating apples again, peeled – thank you very much – and sliced, after refusing to touch them for about a year.

I can’t eat apples unless they are cooked. The same goes for cherries, pears, and other thin-skinned fruit.  I recently read about an Oral Allergy Syndrome that causes a reaction (for me it’s an itchy, burning sensation on my mouth and throat, sometimes it feels swollen) when fruits that have incorporated pollens are ingested. So glad to find out I’m not alone in this! I love eating these fruits cooked, but I can’t even try to eat them – just to see. I have such a block that I can’t even use the “nuke the nature out of them” suggestion in the article mentioned above. But, happily, my family can and does eat these fruits. And I get to pay $3.49 a pound for Honeycrisp Apples at Whole Foods. (Less expensive and less local at Costco.)


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10 Responses to Glad I Saw It: Honeycrisp at Whole Foods

  1. Ooh, sorry to hear that! I love apples, especially honeycrisp. And you are right – at least in NJ the produce is cheaper and better at WF. That wasn’t the case in CA. I’m lovin’ being a WF regular 😉

  2. raisingivy says:

    Oh how I long for Honeycrisp apples! I’ve been thinking about them every day but they’re not here yet (Austin). When I asked at our Whole Foods the young man stocking Fujis (I’ll wait) said, “Three more weeks, ma’am.” So sorry you can’t eat them raw; it’s really the texture that makes them stand out.

  3. anna says:

    I’m a Macoun girl myself. Luckily there are many great cooked apple recipes!

  4. meme says:

    I also have allergic reactions to the same fruits as you and I’ve found that some reactions are worse than others. Sometimes I will try a little piece of different fruits to see if I will have a reaction to it. One day I was cutting up a honeycrisp apple for my son and I took a little bite from the core that was left and OMG… This apple was soooo good!! People who don’t have OAS won’t understand how overjoyed I was when I didn’t have an itchy throat nor swollen lip. I took my chances and sliced one for myself…. no allergic reaction. I thought I was cured!!…. but after trying a pink lady…. I realized I wasn’t 😦 I don’t know why… but I can eat honeycrisp apples and drink honeycrisp cider with OAS and I’m sooooo appreciative of it… who knew apples would be a big deal??

    • Scott Bishop says:

      I haven’t been able to eat apples for 15 years. This after eating them every day for about the first 20 years of my life. One afternoon over at my in-laws they were making apple pies for a fundraiser with honey crisp apples and I was asked to help peel. We ended up with more than needed so I decided to try a bite of these so called “expensive” apples out of curiosity and deal with the swelling. To my surprise there was no reaction at all so I ate 2 full apples on the spot. To this day Honey Crisp are the only apples I can attempt to eat. The odd bunch will still give a very mild reaction but worth every minute!
      Now that I know I am not the only one who has experienced thisI want to know why honey crisp apples dont give a reaction like others do…….

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