Glad I Saw It: Thoreau at Raymond’s

As a (I can’t yet bear to say former) teacher of all things literary, I love to see businesses use quotations from authors – even when they are used to sell their products! The pictured Thoreau quotation was above the bar at Raymond’s.

We took the kids to Raymond’s for brunch on Sunday.  It was the first place we tried in Montclair, at the behest of our real estate agent.  We used to drive in early (no traffic at 7:30 am!) to have breakfast before meeting her to look at houses.  Seeing as how we spent eight months seeking a domicile, we had a good many breakfasts at Raymond’s before even residing in Montclair. My husband, who lived in Montclair in the 90’s, remembers when Raymond’s was smaller and farther down Church Street. People who moved here recently, he told me, don’t realize how important it was as an anchor for this area. It reminded me a bit of how Smith Street in Brooklyn developed at about the same time.

Raymond’s was already bustling when we got there just before nine yesterday. And the line was down the sidewalk by the time we left. It’s good to see its success continue – and the amazing staff was friendly and courteous as always. I highly recommend the Migas for breakfast. Perfect size, and it’s just so good.


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5 Responses to Glad I Saw It: Thoreau at Raymond’s

  1. You really know how to sell a place! I have never been to NJ, but I can promise you if I visit I am coming to check out your fair city.

  2. This is one of my favorite places and now you’ve made me hungry.

  3. silver price says:

    Went here for lunch for the first time on Friday. I have had breakfast here in the past and thought it pretty good. Lunch was probably better. Had a Cheeseburger with fries. The burger was cooked perfectly and the roll was very good and did not overpower the burger. The fries were thin and crunchy. I was surprised with how crowded it was on a Friday at 1pm. Short wait. Nice retro styling and the owner went to the trouble and and expense to use authentic materials, such as subway station tiles etc. Also has my favorite, which is a counter with stools. In the good weather you can sit outside on the sidewalk which is wide and Church street is a nice place to hang.

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