Bulky Waste Day in the Suburbs

We were told, upon first arriving, that if we put our bulky trash out early enough it would disappear by morning. Mostly.  We’d already experienced that times ten in Brooklyn, but since things are more spread out here, I was surprised at how quickly some things disappear. It depends on the weather, of course.  I’ve noticed lots of really interesting things placed out in front of houses around town. Sometimes it’s obvious stuff, other times it’s clearing out old artwork and furniture. And sometimes it’s just plain cool. Like this stuff.

I know people who have added beautiful lamps, outdoor play-sets for their kids, window frames that they made into mirrors or used to display artwork, and even a set of All-Clad pans to their homes. Why would anyone get rid of All-Clad pans?  Bulky waste day is especially fantastic for tinkerers. Lots of “I don’t know how to fix it but someone else probably does” stuff is out there.  I know because I’ve put that stuff out as well. Are you a tinkerer? Keep your eyes peeled!


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One Response to Bulky Waste Day in the Suburbs

  1. anna says:

    i find bulk trash in the ‘burbs to be nothing like it was in manhattan – good lord the stuff new yorkers put in the trash. most of the art in my house is from the curb, as is more other stuff than i should admit.

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