Glad I Saw It: Snooky in New Jersey

No, no. Not Snooki. Snooky! Snooky the Clown!

My kids and I attended a five-year-old birthday party this weekend, and Snooky was there to keep the kids busy while the adults took care of setting up the food and cake. I’ll admit, I had my doubts – as I’ve been unimpressed with party entertainment in the past. But once Snooky got started, she really had the kids (ranging from 2-9) enthralled. It was a simple show: a little juggling, a little puppet ventriloquism, some temporary tattoos, and some magic.  The kids ate it up. It wasn’t an Ooooh! Ahhhh! sort of show. It was just pure joy and fun. Because it’s meant to be for the kids, right? Keep it simple.

The favorites seemed to be the Lambchop inspired puppet (who sang Happy Birthday as well as she could!), and the magic trick with a phone call with a surprise and a hat with a white rat instead of a bunny. You should have seen them jump!

The show reminded me that with children, it’s more about personality than about glam and glitz. Back to basics, I say!

For contact information, here’s the website for Razzle Dazzle Party Entertainment, out of Nutley, NJ.


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4 Responses to Glad I Saw It: Snooky in New Jersey

  1. That’s the only kind of Snooky I want to see in NJ! It definitely is all about the personality when it comes to kids…if the person is into it and engaging the kids will be too!

  2. You had me going at Snooky/Snooki! I prefer the clown over the tart also. I rarely see entertainment at a kid’s party that isn’t cringeworthy. Love that your Snooky was “pure joy and fun.” I’ll take your recommendation as high praise! Now if I only lived in NJ (or anywhere near the East Coast) …

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