Glad I Saw It: Waldo in Watchung Plaza

Not a spoiler! The store said they move him each time.

Now, I have never enjoyed the whole Where’s Waldo craze. I mean, I remember it being a mini-bane on my existence due to the similarity between my name and the red-and-white-striped traveler’s name. I wish they had just stuck with Where’s Wally?

But they didn’t, and I’m okay with it now.

So this year, to prepare for Waldo’s 25th Anniversary of being found, I took my kids around town to find him. I have to admit, we had a blast.  The participating stores were amazing and patient and kind.  My kids got a huge kick out of finding Waldo, sometimes they needed a hint.  And we’re looking forward to the party at Watchung Books on Tuesday.  These are the kinds of things that make filling the days of summer even more fun.

Something else that was kind of cool was that we saw boxes in various businesses that asked for old eyeglasses.  I’m kinda-sorta sure that it’s a tie-in (eyeglasses, searching for Waldo?), but I can’t find anything official. Serendipity?  (Let me know if you know for sure.) So, if you see one of these neon boxes in a favorite store – I know Mr. Dino’s has one – drop your old reading and prescription eyeglasses into it. None of the boxes we saw had any glasses in them, so hopefully it’s just that they have been dutifully emptied each night.

Lion’s Club Eyeglass Collection


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