Not Quite Alone at the Playground

The last few times I’ve taken my kids to school playgrounds, we’ve been all alone. Luckily, my kids love coming up with games and fun-times all on their own.  It’s a win-win for everyone: They have a playmate who thinks making fart noises before going down the slide is a laugh riot, and I get to sit down and work on my lethargy degree. (Truth be told, I do quite a bit of hide-and-seeking myself. But I do appreciate the breaks that the sibling thing provides.)

On our recent vacation, we listened to Free to Be You and Me in the car many, many times. And Brothers and Sisters was one of the most requested songs.  The kids sing along to it, and it makes me so happy.  And then they start scratching and kicking each other, and I’m less happy. It’s a trade-off, just like everything in parenting. And life.

Fast forward to 2:28 for the song! (Option link doesn’t seem to be working.)


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4 Responses to Not Quite Alone at the Playground

  1. I can’t believe you’ve found an empty playground! Hey, keep that secret. And I have very, very fond memories of Free To Be. I am pretty sure it was kindergarden where we performed it- and then again as 5th graders. I loved those songs and need to bust that out in the car. I think the boys would love it. William Wants A Doll is one I remember well. Something about it just made me so sad- like no one would give the poor boy a doll until the very end 😦

    • We love William and his doll! My son especially responds to it because he asked for a babydoll for a long time…and loves it. We also love “It’s alright to cry.” They kids get so quiet and pensive.

  2. georgettegilmore says:

    Love this post and I feel the same way. Brothers and Sisters is my 5-year-old’s favorite song!

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