Glad I Saw It: Live Music Down an Alley

I thought the music was coming from the open window.

As I left the Red Eye Cafe around ten in the morning, I was thinking about the New Orleans Sludge I’d just drunk, the upcoming kindergarten year for my son, the work I had to get done, laundry, bills to pay. Lots of jumbly stuff.

And then I heard it – Flute, guitar, some brass, and a tambourine pandeiro.  It was beautiful, and I wanted more. I looked down the alley next to the Red Eye Cafe, and saw an open window. I figured someone was playing a record or CD or something of that sort. I stopped to listen, and some men commented on my taking a photo of an alley. I offered, “It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” (Code for, I’m not crazy. Much.)  Yes, they nodded. But keep walking. You’ll see why. So I did.

I rounded the corner on the way to my car which was parked in front of Trumpets Jazz Club, and there they were. Not shiny and flat on a CD, but live! I guess I must have looked pretty goofy just standing there, half-waving.  Once they’d finished, the musicians, members of a group called Choro Down Neck, waved me over.  Read all about them over here on Baristanet.  I love found art!

The beautiful notes.

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2 Responses to Glad I Saw It: Live Music Down an Alley

  1. Anna says:

    that is soo awesome.

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