Glad I Saw It: PAWS at the Montclair Farmers Market

My kids are deprived.  I use other people’s pets to satiate them.  Our block has lots of amazing dogs, and I use these unsuspecting neighborhood pups to keep my kids from begging me for a dog. It works sometimes. Now, every Saturday, I can keep them from telling me a cat is a necessary addition to our home.  Thank goodness for the Montclair Farmers Market!

We visited the PAWS cats this past weekend, but they’ll be at the Montclair Farmers Market (weather permitting) every Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm.

Even though the cats are in cages, children (and adults) are allowed to gently pet them.  My kids were especially excited when the two younger cats meowed right in their faces.  Most of these cats are fostered through A Purrfect World. And they are always looking for more foster families.  If you can’t foster, consider giving a donation to the organization to help them continue their programs.  Additionally, PAWS has several ways to help, including buying “Rescue Chocolate.” An excuse to eat lots of chocolate! Oh yes.

Stop by in the shaded, semi-grassy area between the market and Trumpets next Saturday. And the Saturday after that. And so on.  And so on.

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5 Responses to Glad I Saw It: PAWS at the Montclair Farmers Market

  1. I wouldn’t mind drowning in a sea of black kittens.

  2. Jennifer Worrell says:

    Borrowed cats won’t spray your carpet. Great choice…

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