Several Minutes of Wonder (in NJ, not Heaven)

I never played Seven Minutes in Heaven. I was far too shy and nerdy to ever get into a closet with anyone, let alone a cute boy in the 8th grade.  Happily, I don’t feel deprived of a formative experience. In fact, I’m quite sure never attempting to make a closet into Heaven saved me from many years of therapy.

Watching a tiny baby bunny with preschoolers is pretty close to heavenly.  It’s not the same thrill that a dank closet and claustrophobia can provide, but it has its own appeal. Feel free to turn down the volume, not that there’s a lot to listen to during these four or so minutes.  I suggest using the video as a meditation tool.  The bunny, barely larger than my hand, knew what was important.  It would be good for more of us to get back to the basics of eating a good (green) meal al fresco.


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12 Responses to Several Minutes of Wonder (in NJ, not Heaven)

  1. Lenore Diane says:

    Too, too cute. Our guest bunny, Jojo, entertains us on a daily basis, KD. Bunnies are awesome.

    • They really are. I’m always apologetic to the babies when I surprise them during a meal. “Sorry little bunny! I didn’t mean to scare you.” The neighbors probably think I’m touched.

  2. Love it! Our guest bunny –why couldn’t we come up with a name like Jojo? We call ours Peter 😦 — eats the blossoms on the clover. So cute!

  3. Ohhh! What a great video!
    We have 2 baby bunnies in our yard this summer. They ARE fun to watch. I love it when they stretch out, bellies on the cool grass, like they are beach bunnies!

  4. LOVE bunnies. We don’t have then in our neighborhood (urban) but when we go out of town on the weekends, my kids and I love watching them hop by the side of the road. Pure joy.

  5. Rachel says:

    Sophia and I watched every minute of this in rapt wonder. Turning the sound down would have ruined it.

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