Glad I Saw It: Yantacaw Park

Doesn’t this look like it’s far from urban/suburban life? And all I had to do was attend a recent birthday party to discover this gem.  Much like Edgemont Park, Yantacaw Brook Park is perfection except for one thing: Goose Poop. But a careful eye and a spring in your step can avoid that. It has no official play area, but what it lacks in a playground, it makes up in ambling walkways, complete with bridges that just may have trolls living under them.

Yantacaw Park is located in an out of the way area compared to most Montclair parks, so it can really make you feel like you’ve gotten away from it all in just five minutes.  Two hard-learned caveats for those with smaller children: 1) the area next to the stream doesn’t have any fencing, so watch that the kids don’t go tumbling down the side in a wild game of tag, and 2) the paved hill is more steep than it seems, especially when preschoolers are new to riding with their training wheels.  Start them out at the bottom of the hill!

Yantacaw Park is at 1 Yantacaw Brook Park (or Grove Street to Club Road) in Montclair, NJ.

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4 Responses to Glad I Saw It: Yantacaw Park

  1. So good! The irony of how you twisted the chosen prompt is not lost on me! So clever.

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