Glad I Saw It: Bob Marley at Our Yard Sale

This is more of a “Glad I Sold It.” The last time we had a garage sale, I didn’t manage to sell this t-shirt. The man who wanted it offered $1, and I told him that was impossible.  This time, soon after I put it on full display a car came screeching to a stop, and a lovely young woman ran up, car still running. She breathlessly asked how much, and I think I could have said $50 and still made the sale.  It was $10  – deal!

Now, I know what you’re saying: $10 for a t-shirt at a garage sale? Pah! But first of all, it’s a Freedom Fighter tee. Second, all the proceeds (with matching amount!) went to the Montclair YMCA’s campaign for Strong Kids. Third, the one time the shirt was worn was my very last time performing in the teacher’s dance (read: comic relief) at the John Dewey High School Dance Ensemble show.  As of July 1st, John Dewey High School no longer exists.  Don’t tell me that $10 is too much for a garage sale t-shirt.

We’re doing the Willie Bounce. At the time, I didn’t know I was pregnant with my firstborn.

Congrats to the newest and last class of John Dewey High School; they graduated this morning.  Here’s an update and some background to Mayor Bloomberg Killing John Dewey High School.

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