Glad I Saw It: Grab and Go Lunch

Grab and Go lunchAnyone who follows me on Twitter knows that I’m obsessed with the coffee and hummos and hot sauce sandwich at Red Eye Cafe.  I’ve also got a simmering adoration for the Carrot Protein Drink at Le Salbuen. But that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about my first Walnut Street love, The Bread Company.  Happily, the new owner, Rachel Crampsey, is all about smooth and delicious transitions.

Last week I needed something quick and easy before an appointment, and the pesto gluten freesandwich and lemon barley cupcake made a perfect combination.  I almost never drink soda, but I also grabbed one of their natural sodas from the fridge. Grand total? Under $8.  Yes! Is this where I would do a fist pump?

So if you’re in a rush and need a grab-and-go lunch, consider stopping in here for some healthy (and often gluten-free) treats.


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