Enter The Bloggess: Montclair, New Jersey Edition

Jenny Lawson The Bloggess with fan in Montclair

Posing with fans and animals.

I’ve met my share of celebrities. And I lived in Brooklyn long enough to know how to behave. Keep it cool, Lady. Casual nod on the street to acknowledge, but don’t bug and do NOT ask for an autograph. I mean, really, don’t be that way.  And then there are exceptions.  Last night’s reading of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson, aka The Bloggess, at Watchung Booksellers was one of those exceptions.

Granted, a book signing is kind of open-ended permission to ask for an autograph. But gazing into an author’s eyes and explaining deep thoughts that have crossed your mind as you’ve read her work?  After she’s given out one hundred autographs and smiled for the camera for one hundred people already? Not cool, Lady. Not cool.  Sometimes you’ve got to leave the cool behind.  That’s what I did. No, really. Deep thoughts.  Look.

Jenny Lawson The Bloggess Book Reading

Because yes, Jenny Lawson wants to know my deep thoughts.

You can see the interest and enthusiasm as The Bloggess patiently listens to whatever the heck I’m spewing. Complete with gesticulations.  Really though, Jenny (I can call her that now.) was just lovely and gracious and answered with a sentence, not just monosyllabically acceptable responses.  It made me feel loved. Accepted. Or at least tolerated.

Because my day had been just a tad crazy, I showed up bright and early – at 7:20. For a reading that was scheduled at 7:00.  Yeah, fun.  But I wasn’t the last person to show up – so there.  The useful thing about being towards the end of the line was being able to see approximately 102 extremely happy fans of The Bloggess leave while still basking in the glow of her presence. Wait – what? Did Rosie O’Donnell just walk by muttering “Yes, yes, okay now, have a good night…” Yes, it was!  It’s true. Rosie O’Donnell introduced Jenny Lawson. How’d that happen? (Really, how did that happen? Does anyone know?) ** Updated! See Southern Fried Jersey‘s comment below (4th one down) for how Rosie ended up at the reading.

Jenny Lawson The Bloggess Beyonce Metal Chicken

“It was the greatest moment of my life!”

Anyway, it was a lot of fun getting to see super-fans leave with the glow of Jenny-ness still blanketing them. Several people brought meaningful tokens to be signed.  I didn’t see a Tardis (which, had I been prepared, I would have dragged to the front of the line for a signature), but there was a lovely red dress, a few Beyonces, a Jazz Hands print, and a skunk.  Or the shell of a skunk.  Click on the photos for closer inspection.

Jenny read from her book to share a chocolatey ExLax experience gone awry. The gathering laughed about diarrhea, anxiety, possible physical assault, and cat paws as the story developed. Thankfully, there was a microphone set up – because really, my late arrival meant I was in the back. The Back.

Jenny Lawson The Bloggess Book Reading Watchung Booksellers

The Back

But that was okay, because I heard the questions and answers about the Zombie Apocalypse (The Bloggess called it on CNN!), finding your writing voice and tribe, and Jenny Lawson’s humble appreciation for her commenters: “My commenters are the best. They leave really great material. For free.”  And it’s that brand of humility – that we kind of only half-believe because we know that she knows – she MUST know – how fabulous she really is, that keeps people coming back.  That, and the cathartically funny reads.

Check out the slideshow for more fantastic photos of Jenny, fans, and the lovely ladies of Watchung Booksellers. 

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17 Responses to Enter The Bloggess: Montclair, New Jersey Edition

  1. As soon as I saw she was coming to you I couldn’t wait to hear how it went. Color me pea green with envy, my friend. You’re awesome!

  2. Anna says:

    Such a fantastic night. Next time though I’m bringing my Beyonce!

  3. Oh how fun! How great to get to meet her in person. I can’t imagine being naturally funny the way she is.

  4. Wasn’t it awesome?!?! I was so glad I could make it up from South Jersey, although sad I had to run as soon as she signed my book (I was up front, surrounded by Beyonces and Juanitas and lots of people trying to surreptitiously sneak Rosie pics).

    Speaking of Rosie, if you missed the explanation, she was trying to find a lighthearted read while her partner was in the hospital, picked up Jenny’s book, and fell for her unique brand of honest hilarity as hard as the rest of us – I got the impression she was just there to bask in the humor and remain somewhat incognito. I don’t think she was expecting to do the intro, but she was so gracious and did a fantastic job!

    • Thank you for letting me know. I totally missed the intro because I thought the darn thing started at 7:30 – so I showed up at 7:20! Idiota. Congrats on getting one of the first 30 tix!

  5. I cant believe this happened in my backyard practically and I missed it!!!!! Ugh. I so would have gone 😦

  6. I can’t believe they held it in that tiny store! I always had to walk sideways even when there were no other shoppers to get through the narrow aisle. Great photos!

  7. Alexis says:

    Hey!! HEY!!! I’m the one in the dress!!! Me!!!

  8. Michelle says:

    The girl in the red hugging the metal chicken (Ke$ha)….yeah, that’s me. Proud day!

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