The Montclair Farmer’s Market: Chickens and Much More

The rainy morning gave way to an exceptionally sunny and breezy day for the Opening Day for the Montclair Farmer’s Market.  I couldn’t resist stopping in on my way back from my Saturday ritual, so I promised the kids a honey stick, and we dove right in to the colorful, crowded, happy world of fresh food and community. Check out the beautiful shots of the flowers from Holly Korus.

We first watched a performance by DanceWorks.  The girls are going to perform at the London Olympics this summer! My kids loved watching the dancing, but soon after they became obsessed with finding those honey sticks.  While handing over my fifty cents for two honey sticks, I found out that Tassot Apiaries is supplying Le Salbuen with its honey sticks! And there is no mark-up; they are 25cents each at the restaurant as well.

We then stopped by to check out the two chickens sitting out next to The Gardener’s Kitchen table (such lovely granola! – also found at Le Salbuen).  While they gaped at the healthy looking chickens (they belong to Grace owner of the Terra Cafe), I stopped by the Toni’s Kitchen table and noticed that the market manager’s table was collecting fresh produce for The United Way. All good things. I was tempted by the Lulada empanadas (the Shroom sample I had was divine), but I didn’t have the cash on me. They’ll be back in two weeks, and I’ll bring $20 for them.

Did you stop in to a farmer’s market this weekend?

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4 Responses to The Montclair Farmer’s Market: Chickens and Much More

  1. We had a busy day today that I did not make it! It looks like it was a good start to the season – thanks for the photos!

  2. Can’t wait to get there this Saturday. It looks better than ever and with Walnut Street’s new cafe’s, It can be an all morning experience.

    • The empanadas will be there again in two weeks. It was really nice! And had I planned better, I definitely would have made it a brunch then farmer’s market morning. Yum and then more yum!

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