Glad I Saw It: Outdoor Seating

This is the kind of front yard that makes me long for a glass of chilled sangria, probably white.  And while I love the set-up, I mourn that I rarely see people using their front yards.  I’m sure there is sometimes someone sitting in these seats (and the various amazing seating areas around town), but I don’t have the good luck to spot them in action too often.

Is it a need for privacy, air conditioning, or maybe just a desire to create art installations as opposed to utilitarian displays?  I long for a bench in front of our house – there used to be two, from what I understand.  Either way, these chairs look lovely, and the one on the right is quite whimsical.

Just yesterday, after our little family took a post-dinner walk around several blocks, we sat on our front stoop and were greeted by our favorite dog-on-the-block as well as a neighbor I hadn’t met yet  – after over two years!  And that’s why I want to see more front yard usage.  (Cue: Getting to Know You)

Maybe I should start a series of people using their front yards.

In the meantime, check out this fantastic writing community over at YeahWrite. Read and Be Read, baby.


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24 Responses to Glad I Saw It: Outdoor Seating

  1. Christina says:

    I have wondered this too, and as someone who doesn’t have a front porch, i am amazed at all of the people who have front porches who don’t use them! What I wouldn’t give for a front porch–I would be out on that thing all the time!

    • I wonder if it’s about thinking things look nicer than they are. I mean, would I be sitting out front with a mint julep in the midst of 90 degree humidity? I don’t known – perhaps with a copy of *The Great Gatsby* – YES! But then I wonder…

      Still, a lovely wrap-around porch with comfy seating and ceiling fans spinning lazily above our heads…that sounds like a perfect afternoon!

  2. I love sitting on our front porch, on rocking chairs, glass of wine in hand and music playing. Just nice to sit out and enjoy the neighborhood. I have chairs like these in our backyard, they’re homey and great place to just sit back & contemplate!

  3. I wish I had a porch, I would be so happy! We have a backyard, but it’s mostly concrete and weeds. If I had a porch or front yard I would hang out in it every night!

    • Concrete and weeds is better than nothing! And it works for chalk drawings, doesn’t it? The only thing that keeps us out of the front yard at dusk is mosquitoes. I hate them more than I love hanging out.

  4. Vanessa says:

    I have neighbors I only ever talk to in the summer.

    ‘ve always preferred sitting in the front of my house over the back. I have a nice big deck so I can look out at the lake, the cyclists, the motorcyclists, the dog walkers. All of it is so much nicer than privacy.

    • Definitely! Sometimes privacy is preferred, but I love the social aspect of sitting out in the front. One of my neighbors plays his guitar on his front steps; it makes for a nice ambience. Although, he’s usually gone by the time my kids are in bed.

  5. mamarific says:

    I love to hang out in the driveway with my kids and see who comes by…the mailman, trashman, random neighbor, etc. Always makes me think of the song from Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood 🙂

  6. Mayor Gia says:

    Sigh, i wish I had a porch or a deck of some kind in my apartment. That would be swell.

  7. Ah, you hit the nail on the head with “air conditioning”…also, smoking. My neighborhood has an active front yard social scene and it is because everyone is outside smoking and enjoying the breeze. It feeds on itself then, because the more people are out, the more other people hangout as well. We don’t smoke, so I feel left out. I always pretend to be gardening so I look like I have a reason to be outside.

    • Oooh. I don’t think I could handle having tons of smoke around while I’m trying to be social. I can’t help waving my hand in front of my face to dissipate smoke, and for some reason, people find that offensive. 🙂

  8. Robbie says:

    In my old neighborhood (sniff, sob) we would sit around in each others driveways following the kids and providing minimal supervision. We called ourselves the driveway divas.

  9. I live in the country and talk to my neighbors over their fences, as if it were the early 20th century, before suburbs were even a concept. It’s nice. When I visit family and friends who live in neighborhoods I do love waving to them or greeting them as they sit on their porches or front lawns. Seem idyllic, doesn’t it? A stop and smell the flowers kind of thing. Stop and say hello to your community.

    • I do the same thing when we’re up in Maine or just going through places that are smaller communities. I don’t know if people think I’m nuts of friendly. Both are true, actually. Thanks for stopping in!

  10. I always pictured myself in a house with a front porch. Alas we don’t have one. The neighbors across the street have a beautiful wide porch with lovely white rockers-THAT NO ONE EVER USES! Maybe i should just go over when no one is home. Fantasy house swap. 🙂
    Some of my favorite memories growing up were sitting in my grandparents screened-in front porch watching the lazy traffic go by in Chincoteague, VA. Ellen

  11. Great shot. It reminds me of my grandmother’s original house which has been gone some time now. Love the colors.

  12. Patricia P says:

    When we were house hunting for our current house, one of my requirements was a front porch. We don’t sit out there as often as we do out back, but sometimes it’s the perfect spot to be on a summer evening. The neighborhood kids play with ours on the front lawns, and parents sit on their porches and talk.

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